9 Causes of Teen Drug Use

Parents need to be aware of the challenges their teenagers face during adolescence. During this time, teens are figuring out who they are while adjusting to changes in responsibilities, schoolwork, and social settings. During this time, many teens can become impulsive and make rash decisions without thinking about the consequences. Unfortunately, this is also when many teens are exposed to alcohol and drugs for the first time. Make sure you are aware of the dangers teenagers face from this exposure by learning more about the causes of teen drug use. Armed with this knowledge, it can help parents recognize when their teen could be developing a substance abuse problem. 

Common Causes of Teen Drug Use

There can be many different causes of teen drug use. What triggers one teen to experiment with drugs and another teen to do the same will vary, as you will see. However, the most important thing parents need to do is not ignore the problem and treat it as just another phase of teenage adolescence. 

#1. Boredom

It is easy for teens to get bored with video games, social media, and other types of entertainment. They may want to enhance these experiences by seeing how they feel when they are “high.” 

#2. To Fit In

Many teens fear not fitting in or being socially accepted by their peers. These insecurities can lead them to try drugs and alcohol to fit in and feel like they are a part of the “in-crowd.”  

#3. Experimentation

Another cause of teen drug use is that some teenagers want to know how it feels to be under drugs or alcohol. Their initiation is often based on curiosity from television programs, movies, and videos they have seen where drug use and drinking are made to appear fun and exciting. 

#4. To Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

Teenagers can be under a lot of stress and anxiety from all the changes of adolescence and their responsibilities. As a result, they might be enticed to try marijuana or try one of their friend’s prescription medications to take the edge off. 

#5. Performance Enhancement

Parents, teachers, and coaches can put a lot of pressure on teenagers to excel and do well. Unfortunately, the pressure can lead teenagers to turn to drugs as a means of enhancing their performance. They want to prove that they can do well and meet expectations.

#6. To Get Attention

This situation can arise when there are multiple siblings in the household, or both parents work. Their teen may feel they are not getting sufficient attention from their parents, so they turn to drug use to get their attention. 

#7. To Punish Their Parents

This cause of teen drug use might seem irrational. However, some teens will feel the need to retaliate against their parents for various reasons. For instance, their parents will not let them go to a party where drugs and alcohol will be present. So, to get back at their parents, they use drugs out of spite. 

#8. It Is Socially Acceptable

Teens can perceive drinking and using drugs as socially acceptable behaviors, especially with the legalization of marijuana in many states. Furthermore, they see their favorite YouTuber, actor, or musician openly talk about how great they feel when using drugs, so it seems normal. 

#9. Lack of Knowledge

Teens are constantly exposed to the concept that if something is wrong, there is a drug to fix the problem. They see ads selling prescription drugs for depression, ADHD, OCD, etc. Unfortunately, many teens do not take the time to educate themselves about how these drugs can have side effects and the consequences of taking prescription drugs they do not need. 

Treatment Options for Teen Drug Use in Atlanta

If you suspect your teenager is using drugs or alcohol, it is vital that you do not ignore the problem. The longer you wait, the more likely your teen will develop an addiction. Even part-time substance abuse and binge drinking can develop to dependence and eventual addiction. 

There are several viable treatment options for teen drug use in Atlanta at Buckhead Behavioral Health. Our addiction treatment programs offer a wide range of options tailored specifically for your teenager, their needs, and their objectives, including outpatient treatments and PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) treatments. 

While parents may be tempted to help their teenager in the privacy of their home, there can be serious health risks during detoxification, as well as a high probability of relapse. The withdrawal symptoms from detoxification can be severe depending on how long your teenager has been abusing drugs or alcohol. In some cases, the withdrawal effects can be life-threatening or so intense your teenager can contemplate suicide. 

At our luxury rehab center, we offer supervised detoxification and the expertise to help parents and their teenagers overcome teen drug abuse. For further information about our treatment options and how we can help your teenager, please feel free to contact us today!