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Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Substance use disorders create havoc and poor health in the life of anyone who suffers from one. They can only get well with the assistance of professional help. However, a lot of people get stuck wondering, “Does insurance cover rehab?” Insurance companies recognize that substance use disorders are valid medical conditions. Because of this, most of them offer coverage for rehab. This can include several types of treatment, medications, and more. 

Does Insurance Cover Rehab? Figuring Out Your Policy

It’s surprising how many people assume the answer to, “Does insurance cover rehab?” is no. When a person develops an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s classified as a substance use disorder. People who deal with this issue suffer from medical and psychological side effects. Because of this, addiction is considered similar to something like heart disease or diabetes. 

In fact, the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) led to requiring insurance companies to cover rehab treatment. Additionally, Medicaid plans offer coverage for those in need of addiction treatment. Substance abuse falls under the heading of behavioral or mental healthcare. This is fortuitous because about half of all people who deal with an addiction also have at least one diagnosable mental health condition. Consequently, they can receive help for both health concerns under most insurance plans. 

The first place to start determining what your insurance covers is your particular policy. If you have access to your policy, either paperwork mailed to you or an online version, start looking through this. As well, you can contact an insurance rep at your company and ask them for help. They can explain what kinds of programs are available to you. They can also tell you if you have met your deductible and exactly how much your out-of-pocket cost will be. 

Make sure to ask if your insurance company requires prior approval before beginning any treatment program. Some companies will not reimburse funds spent on a program they did not pre-approve.

What Services Does Insurance Cover for Rehab?

Multiple options for rehab treatment exist, which gives the individual a lot of choices. Does insurance cover rehab from start to end? Yes, depending on the program. The categories insurance covers include:

Many insurance plans do not offer coverage for things like sober living homes. The treatment they may not cover also includes things they consider medically unnecessary or too experimental. Plans also may set limits on how much they will pay for certain programs. 

What Happens In Rehab?

Another popular question after “Does insurance cover rehab?” is “What happens in rehab?” Depending on what level of rehab a person is in, many treatment options exist. During detox, the person focuses on the first several days of going off drugs or alcohol. Medical experts tend to their needs and monitor their health. They are typically offered medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms.

Both residential and outpatient programs offer a variety of therapies proven to help treat substance use disorders. These therapies include:

Each type of therapy offers its own value. An initial assessment of each person going to rehab will be done. This helps their treatment team decide on the right combination of treatments for each person’s individual needs. 

What Are Other Options to Pay for Treatment?

In the event that an insurance plan does not include rehab treatment, other options are available. The same is true for someone who does not currently have insurance. Many rehabs offer structured payment plans for those who qualify. They make regular payments for their treatment over time. 

Another option involves using a credit card or taking out a personal loan. In both cases, payments can be made over time, allowing a person to avoid the process of trying to save money. Modern times often mean using new approaches to pay for important life needs. Some people use crowdfunding to raise the funds for life-saving addiction care. 

Whatever a person’s financial situation, they should contact treatment centers they are interested in. The admissions staff can help go over their options for payment and try to find the best choice for each individual.

What Happens After Rehab?

Most people begin addiction treatment by going to a detox facility. From there, they may enter either residential or outpatient programming. Some outpatient care is part of the core of treatment while some can happen as the last step in getting well. For example, many people continue with one-on-one therapy after ending formal treatment. They often attend group therapy or support groups, such as 12-step ones. The more treatment a person receives, the more likely they are to enjoy lifelong sobriety.

Addiction Treatment in Atlanta

Have you been eager to begin treatment for drug or alcohol addiction but worrying about the cost held you back? Maybe you’ve asked yourself, “Does insurance cover rehab?” The good news is that the answer is yes. Most policies cover at least one type of substance use disorder care. In many cases, they cover several types. Contact Buckhead Behavioral Health in Atlanta now and let us help you determine your insurance eligibility. Then, you can get started on a powerful plan to change your whole life. 

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