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Buckhead Behavioral Health offers many services for family members of loved ones struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders before, during, and after treatment. While many of these services can assist in helping or finding the right treatment program, they can also help those whose loved ones are in treatment or after treatment. We believe that addiction is a family disease and that everyone in the family system deserves healing. Some of our family service options are available to anyone who may need them and is not limited to family members of previous or current clients.

Family Support Groups

When someone is actively using, the spotlight is on them. During this time, family members can neglect their emotions in response to their loved one’s use. Buckhead Behavioral Health offers a virtual support group exclusively for family members of loved ones struggling with addiction or in recovery every other Tuesday evening. The family support group allows family members to process their feelings and learn about the disease of addiction. This group is open to current clients families, previous clients families, and anyone looking to help their family member get into treatment somewhere.

For information on how to join this group call us now at: (470) 460-6789

Family Therapy

Addiction doesn’t just affect the person struggling, it affects the entire family. Most times, family members lack the understanding of addiction as well as the importance of boundary setting. Members often enable their loved one’s behavior by making excuses, bailing them out, blaming others, and more. This often can result in the addict staying sick and the family continuing the dangerous cycle, becoming reactive, and staying in a hopeless state.

Because of this, we believe that addiction is a family disease and the entire family should be part of the treatment process. At Buckhead Behavioral Health, we offer family therapy in Atlanta to every client that walks through our doors. We consider each person’s family as one of our own clients.

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