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What is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

There are many forms of treatment for drugs and alcohol abuse. One of the more controversial is Medication-Assisted Treatment which is also known as MAT. MAT is a form of harm-reduction where the use of medications combines with traditional counseling and behavioral therapies. The aim is to provide a balanced approach to substance abuse treatment. As alternatives to traditional addiction treatment become more common throughout the U.S., Atlanta has also experienced a rise in the use of MAT programs.

The FDA approved all medications and medication programs are tailored to meet an individual’s personal needs. Research shows that medication-assisted therapy and traditional therapy can help treat addiction disorders, improve recovery times, and prevent or reduce opioid overdose. The topic is controversial for individuals and medical professionals because the idea of using medication to solve an addiction to illicit medication sounds tricky.

Others find it controversial because of its under-use, considering the research behind the medication-assisted treatment. Moreover, because of the stigma involved with using medication for treatment, it’s become underutilized as a treatment option. Now, with more research and support, the method is becoming more popular.

Using MAT With Other Addiction Programs in Atlanta

Medical assisted treatment works alongside traditional treatments, and its goal is to smooth the process of recovery in the early stages of treatment. Once the conditions are met, the individual will taper off the medication as they develop other coping abilities and mental skills. Buckhead Behavioral Health in Atlanta offers multiple other levels of treatment that compliment the use of MAT.

Who is Medication-Assisted Treatment For?

People who will benefit most from medication-assisted treatments will be those with serious cases of addiction, patients with opioid and other addictions, and if they suffer from other mental disorders that may cause difficulties in normal treatment.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has said that medication-assisted treatment can improve a patient’s survival chances and increase treatment retention. The process helps patients understand opioid abuse and decrease their illegal use and connected criminal activity with the substance.

Is Medication-Assisted Treatment Effective?

Medications can minimize withdrawal symptoms and make the process of recovery easier for patients. These medications can balance neurochemicals and hormones and be used in many scenarios. Hospitals, PHP programs, outpatient programs, and even prisons have taken on medical-assisted treatment.

The severity of a person’s substance abuse and the type of drug that they are addicted to will be the determining factor in their medication-assisted treatment program. Medications are most used for people recovering from opioid addiction, alcohol abuse, and benzodiazepine addiction.

Someone suffering from co-occurring or dual diagnosis disorders may benefit from medication-assisted treatment. Instead of just focusing on the addiction, which may be a cause itself of underlying issues, treatment should take a fully balanced look at a patient’s mental disorders and other complications.

Who Might Need Medication-Assisted Treatment?

If someone struggled in the past with a history of failed recovery attempts and relapses, they may benefit from medication-assisted treatments. Medication-Assisted Treatment focuses on all aspects of a person’s psychiatric disorder and addresses co-occurring symptoms and physical symptoms of withdrawal.

Some patients may refuse to use medication as part of their recovery because they believe it may lead them to relapse. However, the new medication shouldn’t last long. Patients will only use it for a short period to overcome the painful initial stages of recovery. Over time an individual can taper the medications off, and alongside traditional therapies and treatments, a patient can recover from the most serious of drug abuse cases.

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