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Utilizing Cigna Insurance for Rehab

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Have you been struggling to find rehabs that accept Cigna? Buckhead Behavioral Health proudly takes Cigna insurance as part of our extensive program to treat substance use and mental health disorders. Your Cigna policy can be used to receive several kinds of outpatient treatment, including detox in Atlanta.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder, call us now at (470) 460-6789 or fill out the form below and one of our admissions representatives will reach out to you.

    What is Cigna Insurance?

    Cigna Insurance is a multi-level insurance company that has relationships with over 1.5 million healthcare providers, clinics, and treatment facilities. This allows Cigna’s 190 million customers and patients to take advantage of quality health care for themselves and their families. They offer coverage for unexpected medical crises as well as ongoing challenges to a person’s health. 

    Cigna customers can take advantage of the more than 65,000 pharmacies in the network, which account for 99% of all pharmacies in the United States. As well, they include more than 500 hospitals in order to serve a variety of needs for their customers. Those struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol can receive help from a large number of rehabs that accept Cigna.

    Are There Rehabs That Accept Cigna?

    Cigna recognizes that substance use disorders are medical conditions. Like any other disease, it’s important for someone who has developed one to be able to get effective, comprehensive care. For this reason, there are many rehabs that accept Cigna insurance. Addiction is classified as a behavioral healthcare issue. Cigna has more than 265,000 mental and behavioral healthcare providers in their network; a number that has doubled in the past five years. While there are many that accept Cigna, how much your policy covers will depend on what facility you choose to attend.

    What Type of Addiction Treatment Does Cigna Cover?

    Cigna covers a wide variety of treatments for addiction. Treatment begins with receiving a thorough assessment. This includes learning the person’s history with substance abuse, any past attempts at treatment, their physical health, and identifying treatment goals. From there, a treatment recommendation will be made. Which rehabs that accept Cigna may be recommended depends on the level of care the individual needs. 
    Types of addiction treatment covered include outpatient care such as therapy sessions, support groups, intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, and dual diagnosis programs. Coverage also includes detox, inpatient residential care, and acute care.

    Check Out Our Facility in Atlanta, GA

    Check Out Our Facility in Atlanta, GA


    Our Rehab Programs That Accept Cigna

    Buckhead Behavioral Health offers a wide range of treatment options covered by Cigna Insurance. Our outpatient programs feature multi-disciplinary therapy options proven to help people overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. We offer outpatient detox in Atlanta that provides the first step to overcoming addiction. The detox process helps the individual learn to begin living life without substances. From there, they can transition to one of the following levels of care:

    An initial assessment will determine which level of care is right for each person. A Cigna representative can discuss specifics such as the length of time in treatment that is covered and any costs that the customer will bear. If they have already met their deductible, the cost can be low or completely covered. 

    We offer a variety of therapies that include the following:

    Our highly trained staff has years of experience treating addiction. They teach people to understand what led to their addiction and how to avoid relapsing. We also treat any co-occurring mental health disorders.

    How Do I Pay For Costs Not Covered By Cigna?

    At Buckhead Behavioral Health, we believe that cost shouldn’t be a determining factor to get the help you need. There are a number of options you have in paying for costs that your insurance plan doesn’t cover. Our financial team will work with you to determine what financial assistance you have and help you decide what makes the most sense for your needs.

    Does Cigna Cover Going to Rehab More Than Once?

    Addiction is a challenging disease to overcome. Cigna understands that sometimes a person who has previously received treatment for a substance use disorder may need to return for further treatment. If this happens, the customer can contact Cigna to discuss their options. A physician or one of our addiction specialists can assess the need for continued treatment. Once the need is established, a decision will be made for which level of care is most appropriate. 

    Will Cigna Cover Treatment for Mental Health?

    Many people who have a substance use disorder also deal with at least one diagnosable mental illness. Examples include bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and more. Many of the rehabs that accept Cigna also offer treatment for mental health disorders. While Cigna covers treatment solely designed to help people struggling with a mental illness, they also provide coverage for those who have both addiction and a mental health disorder. Receiving care for both conditions at the same facility concurrently can save time and money.

    Get Treatment Today at Rehabs That Accept Cigna

    Buckhead Behavioral Health counts itself as one of the rehabs that accept Cigna insurance. We understand how important it is to get help for substance use disorders and use your insurance to make it affordable. We offer a detox plan and other outpatient programs that help you overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our skilled staff partners with you to make sure you learn to become sober and enjoy a healthy new life.

    If you would like to use your Cigna insurance to get help for addiction, visit our admissions page now. We are happy to go over your options and help you make your goals attainable.

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