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Dedicated to Success

The success of our alcohol & drug rehab in Atlanta is measured by our client’s success. We’ve treated hundreds of patients who have found successful recovery.

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Licensed and Accredited

Our facility is fully certified by The Joint Commission, a nationally recognized accreditation that holds high-quality standards for over 21,000 healthcare organizations.

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Central Location in Atlanta

Our addiction treatment location is in Atlanta, Georgia. We service the surrounding communities as well as those who come to us from out of state.

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Why Us

Structured Addiction Treatment in Atlanta

Buckhead Behavioral Health is a Partial Hospitalization, Outpatient and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) located in a luxurious neighborhood of Northern Atlanta.

Our experienced team of addiction professionals at our Atlanta rehab center are here to help you or your loved one integrate back into society following your detox process with the proper tools and resources necessary to live a productive life in recovery from drugs and alcohol.

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Setting the Standard

Dual Diagnosis: Redefined

We believe that dual diagnosis treatment should be the standard, and not the exception for addiction treatment. Our team believes that many turn to substances as a means to self-medicate, temporarily alleviating the symptoms of underlying mental health issues. Treating only the substance abuse without addressing the underlying mental health disorder can be a half-measure that leaves the root causes unaddressed, paving the way for relapses and the continuation of destructive behaviors.


What We Offer

End Addiction Today

Create a Life of Endless Possibility

Our highly experienced Atlanta addiction treatment staff are here to help answer your questions at this very moment.

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You’re Not Alone

We believe that everyone can recover. The personal recovery stories that walk through our door each day is what keeps us going.

We’ve helped hundreds of individuals create new changes in their lives backed by trauma-informed and evidence-based addiction treatment.


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