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Drug Rehabilitation Atlanta, GA

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Choosing the right drug rehabilitation in Atlanta is one of the most important steps in achieving recovery from addiction. Treatment cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach, and you want a facility that has a wide array of services in order to customize a plan that will help you successfully overcome addiction and thrive in sobriety. 

Buckhead Behavioral Health offers Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs), as well as other evidence-based therapeutic and holistic treatment options that have a proven track record for helping people get — and stay — sober. Our goal is to help you or your loved one overcome drug and alcohol abuse disorders, or other mental health concerns, and thrive in a life of recovery.

What Makes Us Different With Drug Rehabilitation In Atlanta

Buckhead Behavioral Health is committed to delivering first-in-class addiction and mental health treatment to every individual that comes to us for help. Our multidisciplinary staff in our drug rehab Atlanta treat not just addiction, but the underlying causes that lead people to abuse drugs and alcohol in the first place. We don’t just get you on the road to recovery but work with you to develop strategies that will help you maintain your recovery after you leave treatment.

We offer world-class treatment in a luxurious setting — close to where you live and work. This helps us form healing partnerships with our clients and their families. Our treatment specialists will help you identify your specific goals by assessing the current needs of your addiction and determining whether there are underlying issues, such as physical or mental health concerns, that need to be addressed. We develop specific individualized plans, that use a wide array of effective tools, to help you succeed.

Our Mission

We want to empower people struggling with addiction and mental health concerns to achieve not just wellness, but wholeness. We provide leading-edge evidence-based addiction and mental health services that foster growth and resilience to help individuals thrive in a life of recovery.

Our Values

Healing from addiction and mental health disorders begins when individuals are seen, heard, and treated with compassion and understanding. Our approach to treatment is rooted in our core values:

  • Restoring the individual’s self-dignity and self-worth is foundational to the recovery process.
  • Open and honest communication is at the core of trust. Through trust, healing begins.
  • Accountability and transparency strengthen recovery by helping the person maintain an honest awareness of psychological and environmental triggers.
  • Environment plays a role in recovery. We believe that the comfort of our clients while in treatment is paramount to their success.
  • People are not one-dimensional Effective treatment requires a holistic approach that takes into account the mind, body, and spirit of the individual

Our Philosophy

We believe that healing is a collaborative process between the individual, their family, and our providers. Buckhead Behavioral Health’s team of addiction and mental health specialists provide highly effective whole person care that draws from robust knowledge, expertise, and modern evidence-based treatment modalities to help our clients achieve their wellness goals. Working together we help our clients and their families heal, grow, and flourish.

Strategic Sober Living Partnerships

Recovery doesn’t end once you leave treatment. For many people in early sobriety, learning to navigate day-to-day life without drugs or alcohol can be challenging. It is imperative that our clients have additional resources available to them that will strengthen newly learned skills and foster continued growth in sobriety. This is why we have formed a partnership with Creekside Recovery Residences — a sober living community. Creekside offers men’s and women’s sober living homes, as well as adaptive sober living solutions that recreate sober living programs in the comfort of your home.

Drug Rehabilitation In Atlanta, GA

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction or living with untreated mental health disorders, there is hope. Buckhead Behavioral Health offers a wide range of treatment options to help you no matter where you are on your recovery journey. To find out more about our programs, and to speak confidentially to one of our caring intake specialists, please contact us today.

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