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Have you made the brave decision to seek help for a substance use disorder? If so, you may want to make sure you can still live at home and have your days free for your career, school, family, and other important things. In this case, an evening IOP (intensive outpatient program) treatment plan may be perfect for you. It allows you to take care of daily tasks while still getting important treatment for addiction in the evening. Our evening IOP program packs as much therapy and support into each session as our daytime one.

What is Evening IOP?

All IOP programs allow a person to receive valuable substance use disorder treatment without having to live in a clinic or facility. With daytime IOP, the individual attends sessions during the mornings and afternoons. 

Alternatively, evening IOP happens during the evening hours. While hours may vary, each night’s session lasts around three hours. The same important treatment modalities used during the day happen at night. 

IOP plans vary but most offer many of the same types of therapy. These include individual therapy, which forms the cornerstone of addiction treatment. Additionally, group therapy provides an effective way to get people talking about their issues. No one understands the challenges of being in recovery more than someone who walks the same path. 

Family therapy also aids many people. Allowing family and close friends to participate in helping someone recover can reunite the group in new, healthy ways. In addition, many IOP plans include therapy that addresses trauma. Trauma plays a big part in the development of many addictions, making it important to receive trauma therapy for it. 

Tour Our Evening IOP Program

Tour Our Evening IOP Program


Evening IOP Schedule

Monday – Thursday: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Evening Intensive Outpatient Programming takes place four evenings a week. During evening IOP, clients visit with their individual therapist once every other week, along with our Doctor and their case manager. When they are not individual sessions, clients participate in group therapy, experiential therapy, red light therapy, Psychiatry, and Medication-Assisted Treatment that includes Vivitrol, Sublocade, and more.

The Advantages of Evening IOP

When considering what type of treatment to get for a substance use disorder, a big concern has to do with the benefits each one offers. Evening IOP offers a lot of advantages to many people with varying needs. These include:

Allows for School and Work: For those who work or attend school during the day, evening IOP provides them plenty of time for these commitments. 

Daycare Duties: Some parents benefit from being home during the day to care for their children. They have options for alternative childcare for a few hours a night, leaving them the freedom to attend evening treatment. 

Part of Sober Living Home Plans: When someone lives in a sober living home, they often are required to attend outpatient treatment. Evening IOP gives the option to spend time getting help outside the sober living home. 

Provides Structure: Having a regular schedule for treatment time helps provide the structure needed by most people in the beginning stages of recovery. 

Mental Health Care: About half of those who have a substance use disorder also live with mental illness. This includes conditions like PTSD, panic disorders, and depression. Most evening IOP offers counseling related to managing mental health.

How Do I Know Evening IOP Is Right for Me?

Deciding on treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can take a little work. Each individual wants to choose the best option for their personal needs. Here are some questions to ask when deciding if evening IOP is the right choice:

  • Do you work during the day?
  • Do you attend school during the day?
  • If you have kids, do you have reliable childcare options in the evening?
  • Are you past the point of needing detox or residential care?
  • Do you need recovery treatment that’s a step up from regular outpatient care? 
  • Has a doctor or therapist recommended IOP for you?
  • Do you have a strong support system in place?
  • Does treatment that’s less expensive than residential care meet your budget needs?

If a person needs help making this decision, they can contact a treatment center and explain their situation. The admissions staff can explain what their plan includes and help them decide if it’s a good fit for the person. 

What Happens After I Complete The Program?

Evening IOP helps people accomplish a lot of their recovery goals. Once they complete it, they often wonder what should happen next. For some, continuing with less time-intensive treatment helps them maintain the lessons they learned while IOP. Choices for after-IOP treatment include:

  • Individual therapy: continuing with one-on-one counseling provides great value, especially as future challenges crop up.
  • Group therapy: Having peer support offers the potential to help everyone involved. Those further along in recovery can lean on each other, as well as offer advice to others newer to the process.
  • Support Groups: Most cities offer daily choices for free support groups. This includes 12-step focused ones, as well as secular groups like SMART Recovery. 
  • Self-care: This includes things like eating healthy, getting regular exercise, and enjoying exciting sober hobbies. 

Evening IOP in Atlanta

One of the issues that come up when a person decides to seek addiction treatment involves how to fit it into their schedules. They want to have time to take care of daily responsibilities like their career, school, and family. Additionally, many people want to remain at home, rather than move into a facility. For these people, our evening IOP program fits the bill. We treat alcohol and drug addiction, along with dual diagnosis. You can get your daily tasks done, then come visit us for treatment in the evening. If you are ready to make a real change in your life, visit our admissions page now.

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