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Overcoming a substance use disorder is one of the most powerful things a person can do. They can take great pride in their accomplishments, but does treatment end when they complete a program for addiction at a facility? Buckhead Behavioral Health believes in lending a hand to people who graduate from our treatment so they stay strong in their recovery long into the future. That’s why we created an Alumni Program for the clients we serve.

What is Our Alumni Program About?

We designed our Alumni Program to help former clients stay connected to their treatment program, to others in recovery, and to their own sobriety. Alumni programs tend to promote accountability and offer the support people need even after they’ve completed formal treatment. We include our Alumni Program as part of each person’s treatment plan. 

Benefits of Our Alumni Program

Many addiction treatment centers do not have an Alumni Program. This means once a person completes their program, they are on their own. Buckhead Behavioral Health believes many benefits exist when people have an opportunity to take advantage of an Alumni Program. The benefits include:

    • Connecting with others who have been through the same journey to sobriety

    • Helping build a bridge between active treatment and living fully without support

    • Reinforcing the idea that living a sober life is important

    • Allowing a person to build new relationships with others involved in the program

    • Social events centered around sober activities

    • Providing motivation to those who are new to recovery

How Our Alumni Program Works

We offer an Alumni Program event each month designed to help people come together to celebrate and reinforce their sobriety. The events vary but always offer a chance for people to come together in fun, meaningful, and productive activities. 

Alumni members who have graduated from our treatment programs are invited to speak to current clients twice per month. We believe in the inspiration our Alumni can provide when they model how their lives have become better, happier, and healthier because they live sober lives now. 

We also provide an Alumni newsletter each month that offers testimonials, event announcements, and speaker opportunities. Our monthly newsletter provides inspiration and information about how to continue to live substance-free.

Find Drug Rehab in Atlanta Today!

Do you struggle with an addiction to alcohol or drugs and want to find help from professionals who understand exactly what you need to become sober? Buckhead Behavioral Health offers several levels of outpatient rehab in Atlanta designed to teach people to leave substance abuse in their past and embrace sober living. Our staff of therapists leads you through the process of attending addiction-related therapies that give you the power to resist relapsing.
Visit our admissions page to find out how you can get sober today. Our friendly staff can answer any questions you have about your own needs or those of someone you love.


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