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Marijuana Rehab in Atlanta

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Recreational marijuana usage has become legal in many U.S. states, making it on par with alcohol usage. However, like alcohol, people can mistake its legality for meaning they can’t become addicted to it. Abusing pot happens to many people, and they find themselves unable to stop using the drug. Buckhead Behavioral Health created a marijuana addiction treatment program that addresses both the psychological and physical aspects of reliance on this drug. We offer focused outpatient care on several levels in order to meet the needs of each person who comes to us for help. 

Is Marijuana Legal in Georgia?

As of now, the use of marijuana in the state of Georgia is illegal. Being arrested for possession can lead to a charge of a misdemeanor for personal usage or a felony for sales or intent to distribute. Access to medical marijuana for certain conditions is legal in the state.

How Addictive Is Marijuana?

Even someone who starts out as a casual marijuana user can end up developing an addiction. It’s similar to how some people can consume alcohol or take prescription drugs without it becoming a problem. Unfortunately, that makes a lot of people feel like pot carries no risk of addiction. Some people develop marijuana dependency, which causes them to experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop using the drug. With dependency, the symptoms are usually psychological or emotional, including feeling depressed, moody, and anxious. 

As many as 30% of people who regularly use marijuana develop a marijuana use disorder. This means they become unable to stop using the drug without professional help because they find the withdrawal symptoms too challenging to endure. The younger someone is when they first start using marijuana, the greater the chances they will end up with a full-blown addiction. In fact, those who begin using the drug before they are 18 become four to seven times more likely to end up addicted. Regardless of if a person has a dependence or an addiction, they can benefit from the structured care of a marijuana addiction treatment program.

Tour Our Marijuana Addiction Treatment Program

Tour Our Marijuana Addiction Treatment Program


Signs and Symptoms of Marijuana Abuse and Addiction

Someone trying to determine if a person is in need of marijuana addiction treatment can look for signs and symptoms that indicate they are abusing or addicted to pot. Common signs include:

  • Often in a foggy state of mind
  • Forgetful
  • Red eyes
  • Constantly thirsty
  • Coughing and irritated throat 
  • Time distortion
  • Elevated blood pressure and heart rate
  • Increased appetite
  • Lack of focus
  • Develops a tolerance and increases the amount consumed
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not using the drug
  • Lethargy
  • Physically uncoordinated
  • Hides paraphernalia
  • Reeks of smoke

How Does Marijuana Addiction Treatment in Atlanta Work?

We provide outpatient care on several levels for people who need help getting off drugs like marijuana. This means the person can avoid moving into a residential program while still getting highly effective care and monitoring by therapists and medical clinicians. Our marijuana addiction treatment takes place on different levels of care. It begins with a detox program that allows the person to receive supervision during the challenging first days of getting sober. 

Once they complete detox, they move to the right level of care for their needs. These include:

Do I Need to Detox From Marijuana?

Detoxification is the first step when someone stops abusing drugs or alcohol. Many people picture detox only in relation to substances like cocaine, heroin, or alcohol. However, detox proves beneficial for people beginning marijuana addiction treatment. Detox provides medical and psychological support for people new to living without abusing marijuana anymore. It provides proven methods of minimizing withdrawal symptoms, which makes it easier to transition through the first several days of sobriety. Detox provides the accountability necessary to keep a person from dropping out of treatment and going back to abusing marijuana.

How We Treat Marijuana Addiction

Our marijuana addiction treatment uses a combination of several types of addiction-related therapies. We assess each person to gain an understanding of which types of therapy will address their specific needs. The types of therapy we offer include:

Each of our therapy modalities is led by licensed treatment professionals who understand the nature of addiction. We provide compassionate, discreet care that teaches people to resist the temptation to relapse and prepares them for a life without needing substances.

Find Drug Rehab in Atlanta Today

Have you become dependent on smoking pot all the time and want to get help? Our drug rehab in Atlanta at Buckhead Behavioral Health helps you face your illness and overcome it. We provide supportive addiction therapies to help you learn to avoid relapse, as well as prescription medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms. Our outpatient programs allow you to complete several levels of care while still living at home.

Are you ready to talk to us about getting help for you or someone you love? Visit our admissions page now and take the next step with our help.

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