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Virtual IOP for Substance Abuse

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When someone needs a medical appointment or to see a therapist, they no longer have to rely on old methods. People today can take advantage of Telehealth appointments. This now includes intensive outpatient programs (IOP) for addiction to drugs and alcohol. Virtual IOP for substance abuse allows you to get the valuable, intensive care you need without leaving your home. Buckhead Behavioral Health teaches you to become sober with our effective virtual IOP programs.

What Is a Virtual IOP Program?

A regular IOP program takes place during the day or evening at a facility or clinic. The person attending it returns home once programming has ended. Virtual IOP programs remove the need to go somewhere for treatment. Instead, they take place from a person’s home. This means they get intensive care to help them overcome their addictions without the inconvenience of commuting to treatment or moving into a residential facility. 

Virtual IOP requires less of a commitment than partial hospitalization. For those who need a step up from regular outpatient programs, IOP fits the bill. The only difference between an in-person IOP program and a virtual one is that the virtual one takes place over a person’s computer or smartphone.

How Do Virtual IOP Programs Work? 

Once a person signs up for a virtual IOP for substance abuse program, they will be instructed on how to proceed. The individual should select a private, quiet area of their home to use when they attend sessions. Therapists and other clinicians will guide them so they know what to expect. Everyone appears on camera, which allows them to see and hear each other during treatment. 

Each person receives an initial assessment which helps the treatment team determine their specific needs. Each recovery plan may vary, depending on what the person needs. Having said that, in general, treatment takes place three to five days a week. Each session lasts for about three hours or more. Once the person completes the day’s session, they can immediately return to their personal lives.

Services Offered During Virtual IOP For Substance Abuse

Virtual IOP programs involve several components that directly address addiction to drugs and alcohol. Each method helps a person identify what contributed to them developing their addiction. From there, they can work on establishing healthy coping skills and ways to avoid relapse. Types of therapy offered may include:

  • Individual Therapy: One-on-one counseling with a therapist helps people who need a safe space to talk privately about difficult subjects. Together, they create a plan that allows the person to become sober and fight triggers that can lead to relapse.

  • Group Therapy: This type of therapy brings together people who all have a common goal of overcoming their addictions. This type of peer support encourages everyone to be honest about their past experiences and concerns about staying sober. As well, people can provide advice and support for each other, building bonds that lift everyone as a group.

  • Complementary Therapy: Often referred to as holistic therapy, this involves non-talk-type therapies. They rely more on experiences, including activities and the arts. Examples include music and art therapy, adventure therapy, and yoga.

  • Support Groups: These include groups like 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. While support groups usually take place after completing initial treatment, IOP programs often help the individual locate a support group convenient to them so they can take advantage of it.

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Benefits of Online Rehab Programs

Attending a virtual IOP substance abuse program provides several benefits for those who use it. For many people, it makes the most sense as a choice for overcoming a substance use disorder. Benefits of virtual IOP programs include: 


Anyone who has attended an online medical appointment knows how convenient it proves to be. Once you arrange for treatment, showing up for each session is quite simple. All you need is a reliable internet connection and to sit down with your device. You don’t have to worry about traffic, parking, and the frustrations of leaving your home.  

Once you have completed that day’s session, you can quickly get back to your schedule. This makes tending to work, school, family matters, and other responsibilities easier to juggle than if you have to deal with the realities of commuting somewhere several times a week. 

Similar Treatment to Residential Programs 

Intensive Outpatient Programs in Atlanta provide many of the same techniques used to treat addiction that residential programs use. This allows you to benefit from the expertise of an inpatient program while still enjoying the freedom of an outpatient plan. Events like individual and group therapy can be conducted online. You also have the ability to participate in other types of treatment modalities, such as holistic therapy, without having to walk out your front door. 

Minimal Contact

While much progress has been made related to the COVID-19 pandemic, many still have health concerns. For those whose own health or that of their loved ones may be potentially compromised by in-person contact with others, virtual IOP can provide a safer option.

Does Insurance Cover Virtual IOP?

Sadly, people commonly assume that addiction treatment won’t be covered by their insurance plans. Actually, most providers do offer coverage, including virtual IOP for substance abuse plans. The insurance and medical communities both recognize that substance use disorders fall under the heading of illness. For this reason, they have a vested interest in covering treatment for their customers.

Those with questions should call their insurance provider and ask about what treatment they cover. For many people, the cost is minimal or free, particularly if they have met their deductibles.

Virtual IOP for Substance Abuse in Atlanta

Have you reached the point that drugs or alcohol have taken over your life? If so, Buckhead Behavioral Health in Atlanta can help you get back on track. We offer several types of outpatient treatment options that help you learn to understand your addiction and leave it behind. Our caring staff understands what it’s like to be on the brink of sobriety but prefer to take that step in a virtual format. If you’d like to find out more about our virtual IOP substance abuse program, learn more about our admissions process. We will be happy to answer any questions you have. Don’t put off living a sober life for another day.

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