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What To Bring

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At Buckhead Behavioral Health, we believe that getting help for substance use and mental health disorders are about much more than just trying to get through another day of not drinking or using drugs. We have a dedicated mission of helping people reclaim their lives by teaching them how to effectively deal with the stress, trauma, and anxiety that contribute to their substance use and mental health disorders. 

Because we provide outpatient treatment, this allows us to help clients experience the challenges of day-to-day living. This way, when difficult or trying situations and emotions crop up, they have immediate access to receive support to deal with them. 

Our hope is that with our guidance, you can rediscover health, peace, self-compassion, and the start of a life-long recovery journey. Your admittance to our program is a gift, as it allows us to step into our passion for helping others. 

Here’s a Few Things You Can Do to Make the Most of Your Time at Buckhead Behavioral Health:

  1. Have an open mind: Often, our perceptions of other people can limit us. Let your stay with us be a time of learning and seeing things with a new perspective. Relax into the group settings and learning opportunities we provide. You may be surprised what you take with you.

  2. Honesty is Key: When you’re honest and open, we can better assist you in processing underlying issues related to substance use and dual diagnosis disorders. We hope to learn as much about you in order to provide healing in your life. 

  3. Family/Loved Ones: In our experience, the more that our staff can help heal the entire family unit, the better chances you have at staying sober. Our holistic approach encourages engagement with loved ones in your life. Healing and processing these relationships can be imperative in recovery. We offer virtual family groups one per week for families to process their own feelings and receive support in their own recovery. 

  4. Ask For Help: Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it! Often, asking for help is something we’ve previously ignored in addiction. A lot of our staff are in recovery themselves and understand what you’re going through. We encourage you to practice reaching out for help when you need it. 

  5. Recovery Mindset: At BBH, we believe addictive disorders arise from becoming disconnected from oneself. This can happen from PTSD, trauma, loss, or grief. We find ourselves disconnected from the world and utilize substances to soothe these wounds. These same substances also come with psycho-physiological consequences of addiction. At this time, healing becomes much more than just abstinence. When we help our clients build a life of recovery with contentment, peace, and compassion, we see their functioning increase as they manage the difficulties of day-to-day living. With this in mind, we invite you to be patient and kind with yourself as we help guide you back to who you truly are. 

We are honored that you have chosen Buckhead Behavioral Health to help facilitate you on your journey of self-discovery and recovery. We look forward to welcoming you into our community. 

What To Bring

  • Picture ID 
  • Insurance card 
  • Medications 
  • Credit and/or debit card(s) 
  • One to two weeks’ worth of casual clothing (if you are partaking in sober living)
  • • Personal care items and toiletries Cigarettes/Nicotine Products 
  • Cell phone – will be able to access anytime not in programming 
  • Groceries – We can help get you to the grocery store if needed 
  • Good attitude

What Not To Bring

  • Weapons of any kind, this includes pocket knives.
  • Mouthwash or anything that may contain alcohol.
  • Drugs
  • Provocative or inappropriate clothing
  • Inappropriate reading material
  • Bad attitude

Creating Safety Within Recovery

At Buckhead Behavioral Health, we’re committed to providing a safe, secure, and supportive environments for all of our clients. We have a strict policy on what is and isn’t allowed in our care. If you have a specific item you’d like to bring, please reach out to our admissions team who will be able to confirm what may or may not be appropriate to bring into our program.

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