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Bruce G.

What It Was Like

I was an functional addict for many years. I kept good jobs, participated in church, I was educated with credentials, married to a wonderful wife, raised two daughters, but I did not take the disease of addiction serious. I would spend bill money, not come home for a couple of days in a row ,miss work, disappointed and caused some people to loose faith and trust in me.

What Happened?

Today, life is different. Because I got tired of being sick and tired, On September 5th, 2022 I surrendered to God completely and decided to admit myself to a rehab facility. Seven weeks after I got there, I was encouraged to attend another 12 weeks outpatient rehab at Buckhead Behavioral Health. Rehabilitation has taught me awareness, coping skills, living in the moment, not to ask “why,” but to ask “how?”

What Is Life Like Today?

Today, my life is different. Today, I am at peace with my inner self. Today I am very responsible, I make better decisions, I avoid unhealthy relationships and environments. Self care is also incredibly important to me today. I often reflect on my past mistakes, but what’s most important is that I’ve learned from my mistakes. Serving God in the the Media department at my church is on of the highlights of my life.

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