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Is Adderall the Same as Methamphetamine?

The use of some stimulant drugs when prescribed for a legitimate medical condition can help people improve their health. However, some stimulant drugs cause damage and can become physically addictive. Often, people don’t know exactly what Adderall is and confuse it with other drugs. They may ask themselves, “Is Adderall meth?” Buckhead Behavioral Health explores the similarities and differences between Adderal and methamphetamines. We offer quality care for the treatment of addiction to both types of drugs at our facility in Atlanta. We believe everyone has the power to overcome addiction and begin a substance-free life.

What are Methamphetamines?

The first step in answering the question, “Is Adderall meth?” is to understand the definition of each type of drug. Methamphetamines are classified as stimulant drugs and impact the central nervous system. Originally developed for use in bronchial inhalers and nasal decongestants, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency ended up classifying them as Schedule II drugs. This category of drugs has a high risk of someone developing an addiction to them. Addiction to meth can happen quickly or after using it for a long time. Methamphetamines are illegal to possess, buy, or sell. 

What is Adderall?

Adderall is a drug legally available by prescription only. Physicians prescribe it for people who have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and a sleep disorder called narcolepsy. It affects the nervous system by increasing the amount of neurotransmitters produced, including dopamine and norepinephrine. This helps people with ADHD improve their ability to focus on tasks and control their behaviors and thoughts. It also helps improve the symptoms of narcolepsy. Adderall also is sometimes used recreationally by people who do not have a prescription for it. They use it for the purpose of increasing their energy levels and ability to stay awake for long periods of time. It is classified as a stimulant drug and amphetamine.

Is Adderall Meth?

Is Adderall meth? No, not in the sense that they are the exact same drug. They are both stimulant drugs and have similar chemical components. However, meth packs a much stronger impact on a person than Adderall does. Meth’s side effects and potential for becoming addictive are both increased compared to Adderall. Meth cannot be legally obtained, while Adderall is available by prescription. When someone uses meth, the effect happens quickly by causing a rush of euphoria that quickly burns off. Adderall, when taken as prescribed, provides moderated amounts of its effect between dosages. When someone develops an addiction to Adderall, they often increase the amount of each dosage and/or take it more often than recommended. 

When someone develops an addiction to Adderall or meth, some similar signs appear. As well, when the person stops taking either drug, they often develop similar withdrawal symptoms. These can include difficulty sleeping, anxiety, feeling tired, cognitive difficulties, and cravings to use the drug. When someone attempts to stop abusing either Adderall or meth on their own, they typically fail. Adderall withdrawal symptoms can be physically painful and emotionally difficult to endure. When someone goes to a detox program, they will receive prescription medications that help minimize their withdrawal symptoms. This makes them better equipped to complete detox, as well as all subsequent levels of treatment. 

Are Addictions to Adderall and Meth Similar?

Addictions to both Adderall and meth have a lot in common. The individual typically develops a tolerance to the drug they abuse, which causes them to have to increase the amount they take. When they cannot obtain the drug, they experience withdrawal symptoms. Addictions to Adderall and meth both cause a lot of damage to a person’s life. They endure negative medical and psychological impact that compromises their physical and mental health. Drug abuse also causes havoc in personal relationships and difficulty doing well at work and in school.

How are Adderall & Meth Addictions Treated?

While the answer to, “Is Adderall meth?” shows distinct differences, the treatment for addiction to both drugs proves similar. The first step is going to a detox program. After completion of detox, some people move into an inpatient rehab program. After that, or as an alternative to it, outpatient care can provide excellent treatment for all types of substance use disorders. Outpatient care levels include intensive outpatient programs (IOP), virtual IOP, and partial hospitalization programs (PHP). 

Both Adderall and meth addiction can be treated by attending a menu of therapies that help people learn to overcome drug abuse. Choices for therapy modalities include individual, group, family, holistic, and trauma-based therapies. In addition, outpatient treatment can provide access to helpful prescription medications that alleviate many withdrawal symptoms. This helps keep people from needlessly suffering while they work on their sobriety.

Find Treatment for Addiction in Atlanta, GA

Did you start taking Adderall with a prescription for medical reasons but ended up dealing with an addiction? Alternatively, did you begin using it recreationally and found it spun out of control? Buckhead Behavioral Health created a stimulant addiction treatment program that help people overcome addiction. We match each person with the level of outpatient care that works best for their needs. Our staff partners with each person to teach them how to stop abusing Adderall, meth, and other drugs. 

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