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How Does Online Outpatient Rehab Work?

Addiction to alcohol and drugs is an age-old problem. However, treatment for substance use disorders definitely moved into the modern age. We offer online outpatient rehab for those who want to take charge of their recovery from addiction. This allows them to take advantage of our variety of outpatient programs without setting foot outside their front door. These plans help people get to the root of their addiction. From there, they learn to stay sober and enjoy life again.

What Is Online Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient treatment takes place in a clinic or other facility during the day or evening. People who attend it seek treatment there while still living at home. Online outpatient rehab takes advantage of the modern way people often now receive medical help. People have gotten used to the convenience of attending doctor and psychotherapy appointments through a virtual experience. It was only a matter of time before treatment for drug and alcohol addiction became part of this time-saving trend. 

Online outpatient rehab offers the same types of programs people receive in person. This allows them to learn valuable lessons on how to stay sober. They receive support from skilled addiction experts at the touch or click of their devices. Once this treatment concludes, the person can decide if they want to continue with any sort of aftercare program. 

Types of Online Outpatient Rehab Programs 

Online outpatient rehab offers the same basic types of regular outpatient treatment. A regular outpatient program (OP) usually just requires a few hours of treatment per week. It works best for those who are steady in their recovery but not yet ready to end treatment. 

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) offer a higher level of care than regular outpatient. Patients usually attend treatment three or four days a week for a total of three hours per session – in addition, virtual IOP works well for many.

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) provide the most intensive form of outpatient treatment. They work well for those who need a lot of the care provided by a residential rehab program but can still live at home. Sessions take place several days a week with each one lasting for several hours. People often step down from PHP into either IOP or OP.

The Benefits of Online Outpatient Rehab

The reason that online outpatient rehab has become a popular alternative has a lot to do with the benefits it offers. The benefits include:

Quality Addiction Treatment

The substance use disorder treatment received via online outpatient rehab provides the same quality as that someone gets in person. Options like individual, group, and holistic therapies can all be conducted online. 


Not everyone lives close to drug and alcohol addiction treatment options. For those in rural areas, receiving online care can be a game-changer. For others, transportation can be a problem. Someone without a car or access to reliable public transportation may not be able to go to in-person treatment in their area. Going online removes this obstacle. 


When a person has to travel to an appointment, they have a lot to consider. Things like traffic, weather conditions, and their schedules can make getting outpatient care challenging. With online treatment, they need only sit down with their smart device and tap a few keys. Once a session winds down, they can immediately return to their home lives and other things on their agenda. 

The Safety Factor

Many people still need to be concerned about in-person contact. They may have compromised immune systems or have loved ones who do. This makes virtual sessions a healthy alternative for them.

How Do Virtual IOP Programs Work? 

Virtual IOP programs work simply with the aid of a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The treatment facility will provide information such as a link for the program and how to set up an account. From there, a simple log-in will take the person to the help they need. Medical experts and therapists appear on camera, as do the patients. This provides a sense of intimacy that comes with being in the same room, as everyone would be during in-person outpatient treatment. 

Anyone attending online outpatient rehab should decide on a quiet, private area in their home to use during sessions. They can dress comfortably and will develop a sense of familiarity with the people conducting their treatment. 

The treatment team will conduct an assessment of each patient in order to gain a full understanding of their needs. From there, they create a plan that fits the person’s specific addiction and treatment goals. Treatment typically takes place three to four days a week for a few hours per day. Each person’s schedule will be explained to them. 

Online Outpatient Rehab in Atlanta

The idea of going to rehab can be intimidating. Not all addiction treatment involves moving into a clinic and being away from your loved ones. Buckhead Behavioral Health in Atlanta offers online outpatient rehab that helps people overcome substance use disorders. You can get the valuable help you need without leaving your home. Visit our admissions page today and let us match you to the program right for you. Let today be the day your whole life changes.

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