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Can You Have Your Phone in Rehab?

When someone goes to treatment for a substance use disorder or a mental health disorder, they have a lot of questions about how their treatment program will work. For many, one of the first questions is, “Can you have your phone in rehab?” Every treatment center has different rules, which makes it important to call ahead and clarify if personal items such as cell phones can be brought by a person. Buckhead Behavioral Health has a liberal policy on allowing items like cell phones. We encourage you to contact us before your arrival for details about using your phone and other personal devices. 

Can I Bring My Cell Phone to Rehab in Atlanta, GA?

If you are ready to begin a professional treatment program for addiction, you may be worried about feeling disconnected from family and friends. It’s common for people to wonder, “Can you have your phone in rehab?” Going to a rehab program is all about learning to reconnect with yourself and learn to connect with loved ones in a healthy manner. Buckhead Behavioral Health recognizes that having access to your cell phone is a matter of both comfort and convenience. For that reason, we do allow people to bring their phones. 

All of our programs are offered on an outpatient level, which means people travel to and from our facility on the days they receive treatment. It makes sense that they wouldn’t want to have to leave their phones at home. 

How Much Should I Use My Cell Phone?

While we allow people to bring their cell phones, we do restrict the amount of time a person can use them. Rehab treatment requires each person to focus on the care they receive. Everyone attends different kinds of therapy sessions, and it’s important that they pay full attention to each one. For this reason, making and receiving calls during therapy sessions is not allowed. While it may be tempting to want to talk to a family member or friend during a session, it serves only to distract the person from the work they are doing. As well, people using their cell phones during group therapy sessions end up becoming a nuisance to the other people in the group. For these reasons, we require people seeking treatment from us to limit their cell phone usage to only between therapy sessions

What If I Don’t Have a Cell Phone?

Someone who does not have a cell phone can ask an employee at our facility if they can use one of our phones. For more information about this, we recommend you call us ahead of arrival to find out more details. Usage may depend on which program level you will be attending. 

Can I Use My Laptop?

Another common question besides, “Can you have your phone in rehab?” is “Can I bring my laptop?” We do allow people to bring laptop computers to our facility. However, the rules are similar to those for cell phones. Usage should be restricted to between sessions in order for you to stay focused on your treatment and to keep participants from distracting each other. 

Should I Bring My Car to Treatment?

Because we are an outpatient rehab in Atlanta, we expect that many people will drive themselves to and from their appointments. For this reason, everyone is welcome to bring their cars. 

Begin Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health in Atlanta, GA

In today’s fast-paced world, people tend to have their cell phones within reach most of the time. Even when they make the decision to get help for addiction or mental illness, they want to know, “Can you have your phone in rehab?” Buckhead Behavioral Health knows that having access to a person’s cell phone and other personal devices is important to them. We do allow people to bring their phones at all levels of care, including our detox program and other outpatient programs.

For more information about how we can help someone stop abusing drugs or alcohol and rediscover a healthy, sober life, visit our admissions page now. We can answer any questions you have and help you get started on our plan right away.

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