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Recovery Care Management for Mental Health

Buckhead Behavioral Health offers mental health services and Recovery Care Management for individuals at various stages of recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction, substance abuse, eating disorders, and other behavioral health issues.

What Is Care Management for Mental Health?

Care management, also referred to as case management, is a critical component of the recovery journey. Working one-on-one with a care manager, the goal of care management is to assist recovering individuals by connecting them with the resources necessary to continue on their path of recovery. Care management services do not replace counseling and therapy services.

How Mental Health Is Treated

Buckhead Behavioral Health care management services address the “practical” side of what is being addressed in clinical services such as therapy. Our care managers develop customized plans to address the needs of each individual. They do so by helping them develop life skills that keep them on the path to long-term recovery

A care manager typically serves as the point person for an individual’s treatment team. The care manager ensures all outpatient treatment providers, including therapists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, sober living homes and other providers are in collaboration. Care management may be either short- or long-term depending on the individual’s needs and progress. Our care managers also work with family members as well. This ensures recovering individuals have the right support to attain sustained recovery. Buckhead Recovery Center does not accept payments from any treatment programs, therapists, or individuals. This allows us to offer clinically driven and ethical recommendations.

  • Individual therapy and medication management
  • Personal fitness programs
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Short- and long-term goal setting
  • Employment guidance
  • Financial consultation/money management
  • General accountability
  • Transition plans with family
  • Personal and home organization
  • Maintaining a balanced life

Mental Health Treatment in Atlanta

Living with untreated mental health concerns can take a heavy toll, impacting your quality of life. But there is hope. With specialized mental health treatment plans and extensive resources, Buckhead Behavioral Health is here to help you learn to manage your symptoms and get back to living a meaningful and fulfilling life here in Atlanta.  Our qualified and compassionate staff will be with you throughout the entire treatment process. Take the first step towards healing today by calling Buckhead Behavioral Health or visiting our admissions page to get started on the road to recovery now.

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