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Alcohol Rehab Near Alpharetta

Are you someone who started drinking socially or as part of college life, only to find it spiraled down into a full-blown alcohol use disorder? When this happens, finding an alcohol rehab near Alpharetta can provide the answer to how to turn your life around. Our outpatient detox and therapy programs help people understand the cause of their need to drink and how to overcome it. We also offer virtual care sessions for those who qualify.

Buckhead Behavioral Health offers options close to Alpharetta, GA, as well as virtual options for those that may be unable to commute. Give us a call now at (470) 460-6789

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is known by the term “alcohol use disorder” and is a medical disease that impacts a person’s physical and mental health. When a person becomes an alcoholic, they have developed a repetitive pattern of drinking alcohol over which they have no power to stop. They drink excessive amounts of alcohol multiple times per week. Many people find it impossible to get through a single day without consuming alcohol. Some people binge drink followed by hours or a day or two without drinking, while others strive to maintain some level of inebriation at all times. 

Consuming alcohol over long periods of time causes a person to build up a tolerance for it. For this reason, they end up needing to increase how much they drink to get the same effects. Many people with an alcohol use disorder report needing a few drinks just to feel “normal”. When someone who is addicted to alcohol does not drink, they experience withdrawal symptoms that can range from uncomfortable to dangerous. 

Once alcoholism takes over a person’s life, every area is impacted. This includes career, friendships, family life, relationships, and school. Alcohol rehab near Alpharetta helps these individuals face their addiction and learn how to overcome it. Our programs range from the important first step of going to detox through several types of outpatient care. Each program offers treatment from experienced medical and psychological experts trained to help people suffering from addiction.

How Do I Know If I Need Alcohol Rehab Near Alpharetta?

It can be difficult for many people to recognize if they need help because their drinking has gotten out of control. In addition, even family and friends can have trouble determining if their loved one needs alcohol rehab near Alpharetta. A common lie people tell themselves is that they can control their drinking and don’t need help. Asking themselves the following questions can help the individual and their loved ones decide if going to rehab can help them.

  • Do I feel the need to drink alcohol every day?
  • Do I make decisions about whether or not to attend social events based on if alcohol will be served?
  • Do I spend an excessive amount of money buying alcohol?
  • Do I often have hangovers?
  • Do I have trouble participating at work, in school, or in relation to hobbies or pastimes because of my alcohol consumption?
  • Have family, friends, or co-workers expressed concern about my drinking?
  • Have I tried to stop drinking and could not do it?
  • When I don’t drink for several hours or a few days, do I experience withdrawal symptoms?
  • Do I suspect I need help to quit drinking but am afraid to seek treatment?

If a person answers yes to two or more of these questions, it can indicate they have developed alcoholism. It’s important to discuss this with a doctor or therapist in order to get help. As well, a person can contact an alcohol rehab center to talk about their situation and find out options for getting sober.

How Does Alcohol Rehab Near Alpharetta Work?

When someone enters treatment for an alcohol use disorder, they benefit from several different types of medical and therapeutic approaches. Alcohol rehab near Alpharetta begins with detox, which is the initial process that allows the body to rid itself of toxins built up during addiction. From there, some people transition into a residential program. These typically involve stays of one or more months. 

For many other people, outpatient rehab provides the level of treatment right for them. One of the benefits of outpatient rehabs in Georgia is that it allows people to receive multi-disciplinary care while still living at home. Outpatient treatment provides several types of services, including individual, group, and family counseling. Because alcoholism often develops because of trauma suffered by a person, trauma-based therapy can help make a real difference. 

When a person attends rehab, they learn to replace old drinking compulsions with healthy new coping skills. They work on this both one-on-one with a therapist and also with others. Peer support can inspire people to stay sober and offer a support system from people who truly understand the challenges of staying sober. Along with that, many alcohol rehab programs treat dual diagnosis. This is a condition that includes both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder.  

Find Alcohol Rehab Near Alpharetta

When alcohol addiction takes over, a person’s life comes to a standstill. 

Buckhead Behavioral Health provides world-class alcohol rehab near Alpharetta that helps you take control of your health and your world again. We offer a multitude of types of outpatient therapy designed to help you stop craving alcohol. We also treat dual diagnosis, which allows you to improve both your physical and mental health.
Please visit our admissions page for more information about how to get sober today.

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