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Drug Rehab Near Marietta

Living a life addicted to drugs is no way to live, but taking that first step out of that life can be hard.  Buckhead Behavioral Health understands how crucial it is to attend an effective detox program and then transition into follow-up care. For that reason, we offer outpatient detox and outpatient care designed to help you beat your addiction. Our drug rehab near Cobb County in Marietta can be that all-important first step you take that leads to lifelong sobriety.

How Do I Know If I Need Drug Rehab in Marietta?

If you are wondering if you need drug rehab in Marietta, it’s important to look for signs of addiction in your life. Questions to ask yourself include:

  • Do I feel like I have to use substances just to get through the day or stressful events?
  • Do I spend a lot of money buying drugs?
  • Do I use a higher dosage of my prescription drugs than prescribed?
  • Do I use other people’s prescription drugs?
  • Do I isolate and use drugs alone?
  • Have I become less able to fulfill job or school duties due to substance use?
  • Have my personal relationships become impacted by my drug use?
  • Have I tried to stop using drugs but cannot do it on my own?
  • Do I experience withdrawal symptoms when I’m not using substances?

If you answered “yes” to two or more questions, you may have a substance use disorder and need to get professional addiction treatment.

What Is Drug Rehab Like?

Going to drug rehab begins with attending a detoxification program. Detox allows a person to receive supervised medical care while they move through the initial days of getting sober. From there, many people move into outpatient programs that help them cement their sobriety. The main types of outpatient treatment plans include regular outpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs (IOP), and partial hospitalization programs (PHP).

How often a person goes to treatment sessions depends on the type of program they attend. Regular outpatient rehabs in Georgia require the least amount of time. Someone may attend just a few sessions one or two days per week. IOP requires attendance at more sessions, often a few days per week. PHP takes place five to seven days per week, providing the most intensive type of outpatient care. 

What Types of Therapy Does Buckhead Behavioral Health Offer

We know there isn’t just one type of therapy or approach to recovery from addiction to fits everyone’s needs. For this reason, our drug rehab in Marietta program includes multiple types of recovery services. This allows each person to take advantage of a combination of types of therapy that will work best for them. The types of therapy we offer include:

Individual therapy: Each individual’s journey through recovery begins with one-on-one therapy sessions. These allow them a safe place to discuss their thoughts, emotions, and experiences with an expert therapist trained to help. 

Family therapy: When addiction happens, entire families are often impacted. Family therapy helps everyone understand what caused the addiction and how to support the person in recovery.

Holistic therapy: Getting help for addiction is about more than just stopping the usage of drugs. Holistic therapy helps heal the mind, body, and spirit simultaneously through a variety of activities.

Trauma therapy: Trauma lies at the root of the development of many drug addictions. Treatment designed to address healing from traumatic events can be crucial to those who need it.

Brainspotting therapy: A form of trauma therapy, this helps heal both addiction and mental health disorders related to experiencing trauma.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT): MAT combines talk therapy with the use of FDA-approved medications.

Neurofeedback Addiction Treatment: This pain-free, non-invasive treatment helps map a person’s brainwaves. As a result, they learn to heal from their addictions.

Benefits of Going to Drug Rehab in Marietta

One of the biggest benefits of attending drug rehab in Marietta is getting access to our team of professionals. Our expert teams of medical and psychological clinicians understand how challenging overcoming addiction can be. They use their years of experience to provide the effective and compassionate treatment people need to become sober. 

Additionally, we don’t subscribe to the theory that all issues related to addiction treatment can be resolved in just one period of time. We assess each person we treat to understand what they need. This includes their physical and mental health, the history of their addiction, and any previous attempts at treatment. From there, we can set up a plan designed to meet the needs unique to them. For some people, 30 days of treatment will work best. For others, a longer period of time works better. As a person moves through treatment, we evaluate their progress and make adjustments as necessary.

Start Drug Rehab in Marietta Today

Are you ready to tackle your addiction and get help? Buckhead Behavioral Health provides professional, high-quality treatment for substance use disorders that helps you change your life. You can choose from several outpatient programs, including a detox program that helps begin your life in sobriety. We offer multiple types of therapy designed to help people recognize the source of their addiction and how to overcome it. 
Do you want more information about drug rehab in Marietta? Visit our admissions page today and let us explain how we can help turn your life around.

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