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Rehab Near Savannah, GA

Have you found yourself at the point that you will no longer accept a life limited by drug or alcohol abuse? Going to rehab in Savannah, GA can help you begin to put your life back together. Buckhead Behavioral Health has several kinds of outpatient programs and rehabs in Georgia that allow you to receive the help you need while still having time for your personal life. Our combination of modern therapies and skilled, friendly staff help you overcome substance use disorders. We prepare you to lead a sober life and enjoy better physical and mental health. 

Why Choose Rehab in Savannah, GA?

For those in the Savannah area, attending rehab close to home makes sense. It keeps the person close to their support system and in familiar territory. They can remain living in their homes or in a nearby sober living home while they attend treatment.  

For others, it makes sense to leave behind the stressors and potential triggers of their home life when they go into treatment. Savannah is a quaint town full of historical architecture, parks, and friendly people. A lot of people find changing their location provides inspiration to change their lives. For this reason, attending rehab in Savannah, GA, can make sense for someone looking to get away while they work on the healing process.


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Signs You May Need Rehab

Many times a person suspects they crossed the line into abusing drugs or alcohol. Still, they feel reluctant to commit to going to treatment because they don’t know how to recognize the signs of addiction. Some common signs you may need rehab include the following:

  • Hiding substance use from others
  • Spending a lot of money on substances
  • Isolating from others
  • Poor performance on the job or in school
  • Loss of interest in usual hobbies and pastimes
  • Developing a tolerance that causes a person to increase the amount of substances they use
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not drinking or using drugs
  • Using prescription drugs that do not belong to the person
  • Prior attempts at becoming sober that ended in relapse
  • Personal relationships damaged by substance use
  • Using drugs or alcohol to help cope with painful events, such as trauma or feelings of anxiety and depression

At our rehab near Savannah, GA, staff can discuss the specifics of a person’s situation in order to help determine if they need to seek treatment. 

What Treatment Is Like at Rehab in Savannah, GA

The first thing you’ll notice about our rehab near Savannah, GA is our devoted, skilled staff of experts. We employ clinicians who have in-depth training and experience in treating people with substance use disorders. We treat each person like the individual they are, which allows us to create a program designed for their needs and treatment goals. 

We treat addiction to alcohol and a wide array of drugs. In addition, we also treat dual diagnosis, which is having both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder. We offer a variety of therapies, which provides several resources for understanding addiction and how to leave it behind. We offer traditional therapy choices such as individual and family therapies but go beyond that. For example, we also offer modern, cutting-edge treatments such as brainspotting therapy and neurofeedback therapy.

Programs Available at Our Rehab

Buckhead Behavioral Health offers multiple levels of care to meet the needs of several diverse populations. The first step in rehab in Savannah, GA, involves going through detox. This important part of getting well allows the body to rid itself of toxins built up during addiction. 

After completing detox, people can choose from four kinds of outpatient programs. During an assessment, our clinicians can determine which type of program best suits each person’s specific needs. The programs we offer include:

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Benefits of Rehab Near Savannah, GA

Too often, someone who experiences a substance use disorder also deals with symptoms of poor mental health. They may not understand the correlation between the two situations. The types of therapy we offer help people who want to work on both becoming sober and improving their mental health. 

This offers a tremendous benefit because when one area of a person’s life improves, it often influences the other area. For example, someone may have started abusing alcohol partly to help soothe feelings of depression. Working on both addiction and depression simultaneously can help improve both conditions. This saves the individual time and money and makes for a smoother route through recovery. 

Another benefit comes to those who qualify for medication-assisted treatment. FDA-approved medications are prescribed to help ease things like withdrawal symptoms and substance cravings. When a person struggles less on a daily basis, they feel more empowered to avoid relapsing and stay sober.

Find Healing at Rehab Near Savannah, GA

Going to rehab is one of the most important decisions you can make. Foremost in your mind is what program is right for you. Buckhead Behavioral Health offers rehab near Savannah, GA, run by a staff of experienced clinicians trained to treat addiction.  We understand how important the right kind of therapy is for someone with a substance use disorder. Each of our outpatient programs includes a mix of therapy modalities. We teach you to understand the source of your addiction and find a permanent path out of it.
It’s easy to find out more about our rehab program. Visit our admissions page now and let us answer your questions.

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